Making Peace: in your life and the world - A

January 13, 2012 by TMC Youth

It’s easy to think peacemaking belongs to world leaders and diplomats. But Libby Hoffman believes the real catalysts for peace are ordinary people – you and me – whether we’re dealing with conflict among nations or with our own roommates and neighbors. One act of forgiveness, one courageous stand for right can start a transformation of thought that ripples outward.

Join Libby for our next Time4thinkers Live chat, Monday, January 9, at 9 pm eastern, to learn how to be a “catalyst for peace” – and to hear about the foundation she started to support community-based peace-building. She’ll share some remarkable stories of reconciliation and healing from conflict-ridden Sierra Leone and talk about the award-winning documentary, Fambul Tok, which grew out of her work.

Joining Libby on the chat is journalist Scott Bauldauf who’s covered Africa for many years for The Christian Science Monitor and recently returned to Boston, and Christian Science lecturer, Josh Niles, who served in Iraq as an Army Ranger and how devotes his full time to prayer-based healing. The program will be hosted by Clementine Lue Clark who has contributed to peacemaking efforts in Sudan and other parts of Africa and works with TMC Youth’s global team.