Part 9: Sunday School - What's the big idea? - A

September 27, 2009 by TMC Youth

What’s the Big Idea? We’re starting up our Sunday School roundtable chat series again for the fall! And, we’re further expanding our multi-media approach — incorporating video, graphics, audio, and a live Twitter conversation among guests and listeners during the last 15 minutes. It’s all a part of our continuing effort to better connect our global team of Sunday School students, teachers and superintendents.

This month, we’re taking a fresh look at an important, timeless idea: Sunday School. Susie Jostyn will host John Kohler, Superintendent of The Mother Church Sunday School, Tony Lobl, a Sunday School teacher from London, and special guests from around the world. We’ll hear personal stories about how Sunday School can change lives. We’ll learn more about what’s happening online. We’ll watch a highlights video from the Brazil Do-it-yourself Sunday School Workshop. And, we’ll respond to questions submitted by listeners during the chat.